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Obotrons is the company who expert in the system of home automation or smart home. Home automation or smart home is the residential extension of building automation and involves the controls and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air condition, and security, as well as home appliances such as washer/dryers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers that use wireless system for remote monitoring and control. Modern systems generally consist of switches and sensors connected to a central hub sometimes called a gateway from which the systems are controlled with a user interface that is interacted either with a wall=mount terminal, mobile phone, tablet, or web interface, often but not always via internet cloud services.

The first Obotrons solution is ‘Health and Well- Being’ concept for exclusive customer MQDC. This solution is made by applied the smart home system to create functions for CO2 control and energy management. So, we are not only monitor for CO2 and electricity consumption we also manage for making lower CO2 and help to design for better electricity consumption.

With our solution, you can forever banish concerns of the air quality in your home or overly expensive utility bills and stop wondering whether or not you locked the front door. These high-tech solutions can help make your home into a smart home of ‘Health and Well-Being.

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